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Some Property Statistics for Sunderland and Surrounding Areas


The 2001 Census showed that Sunderland had 116,356 households in 2001. 98% of the resident population lived in households. 
A table of the main areas in Sunderland and values of properties sold in the last three months. The figures in brackets are number of houses or flats sold

Area Postcode All Property Detached Semi Terraced Flats
Cleadon SR6 7 230,569 (21) 467,500 (6) 140,359 (11) 123,250 (4) too few sales
Fulwell SR6 8 156,363 (73) 467,500 (6) 154,051 (35) 102,093 (29) 85,666 (3)
Ryhope SR2 0 138,614 (84) 236,058 (14) 130,698 (25) 112,350 (26) 113,171 (19)
The below table - information from Land Registry - gives you the average prices of houses and flats sold in the Sunderland area. To find more about specific houses sold in Sunderland, you will need to click the table below and enter the postcode. However, you must register with Ourproperty before you can access the data - but for the moment the service is free.

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Sunderland Information

Average house prices in the Sunderland area in the past 6 months are as follows:

Estate Agent Sunderland with Houses, Flats Property Sale